Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Unfortunately, in this horrific event, the victims were often innocent citizens. Killed only due to the fact that they were from the Tutsi tribe. They had done nothing wrong as a person, or even as people. This is considered a hate crime. There was no reason. Other than the fact they belonged to a certain group/race. When I was reading, I remember reading a part saying citizens were killing other citizens. Unlike the German Holocaust, the citizens were the soldiers. The Germans tried to keep it from the citizens, and here the Hutu are the ones doing the killing. It must have felt like anarchy. I can only imagine the children, and how frightened they were for three whole months. Living in terror, not knowing if today was going to be your last, if you would see your mother tomorrow, or if you would even ever be a normal child again. Living in terror, it’s not even living.  Everyone killing everyone, for no specific reason at all. My heart throbs for the families, and the pain of losing your loved ones for no apparent reason. The killings began in Rwanda's capital city of Kigali. The Hutu set up road blocks checking all I.D’s and killing all Tutsi. Usually this was done with clubs, machetes, or even knives. Due to the I.D cards, the Hutus had the names and addresses of all Tutsi living in Rwanda. They easily went door to door killing all Tutsi. There was nothing they could do about it. Hutu’s who stuck up of Tutsi’s were killed also. They would stop at nothing, nor did they stop. That is, until the RPF came in the picture and took over Rwanda. Even then, nothing could ever take back, or bring back the innocent people who were killed.

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